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First two weeks of dandelion

I originally wrote this post on 2 May, but forgot to post it.

Well, the app has been out for two weeks now and it’s time for the reflection post. Since the app is free and I didn’t really intend for it to have any monetization scheme I decided on no analytics in it. The only data I have is from Apple (not their new fancy analytics thing) is the old iTunes Connect one. So, after two weeks, let’s look at some data.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 4.06.19 PM

Graph one shows the normal spike after a day or two, then long tail taper starting. It will probably go down a bit further, then plateau.

Not too surprised by the download rate, I then wanted to see the distribution of devices. My assumption was that it was going to be primarily iPhone (I included iPad Touch’s into that category). Sure enough, roughly 68% of my users are iPhone users.

Let’s look at regions. I’m used to most of my downloads coming from the US/Canada region in iTunes Connect. To my surprise, Asia Pacific and Europe are my two biggest regions! This puts a huge smile on my face. Knowing that there’s all these people out there, around the world, enjoying (or I should say at least have tried) my app.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 4.11.11 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 4.31.32 PM

Overall it was super fun working on Dandelion Breeze. I have thoughts on things to do and since more that 100 people have downloaded the app so far, the next step is adding some new content and a tip jar. My Apple Watch will be here next week or the week after, then I’ll actually get to play with my app on device for the first time, can’t wait!


Since writing this, Apple has opened their Analytics Beta to everyone and I have my watch. I really like the analytics so far, missing a decent about, but good. For instance, I would be great to see Apple Watch installs. So far Dandelion Breeze gets about 2,000 views per month, and about 500 downloads. Things are calming down and looks like the plateau is going to be about 10-12 downloads a day. Have to say, for a learning test on the Apple Watch, I’m really happy with the results. As for the watch, given that it’s a 1.0 device is beats all my expectations. It great to use and I’m honestly stunned by how good it is.

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