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Dandelion Breeze and What’s Next

Dandelion Breeze has been submitted and is waiting for a review. In the meantime I’m off on to learn new things. Working on Dandelion Breeze I didn’t get to really play with much of the Apple Watch. Since I knew I wasn’t going to have one for development I tried to keep what I did with WatchKit to a minimum. Now with a bit of experience and my Watch so to be in hand I wanted to do a bit more with it. The next things on my list to learn are glances and notifications. Glances are interesting as they provide the user a quick look at pertinent information. It’s almost like a notification except instead of asking the user for a moment of their time, they’re giving you their some of there’s for a snippet of information. You’ve made a contract with the user, for a bit of their time, they’re trusting you to give them the information they’re looking for that can be delivered within a few seconds. Because of the short time scale in which the user is interacting with the glance, and the contract you’ve made to the user, it’s critical that glances be a condensed form of the most important information you want to show your user.

So far I like trying to build things for the Apple Watch. The shorter interaction times and the lack of some controls provide a challenging environment to try and make useful and interesting apps.

I’m felling really motivated to make new things, but the NBA playoffs are on, so my focus might not be what it usually is.

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