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I’m making a new app

When the Apple Watch was announced I decided I wanted to take a break from my regular at home coding projects and develop something for it. Around this time I had also decided that I wanted to learn some Swift and was hoping to go for the two-birds-one-stone thing. Given juggling my normal work day with my new love of gardening it’s taken longer than I had hoped to get it ready, but it’s been awesome nonetheless.

The app is called Dandelion Breeze and it’s a rather simple little “game.” I use the term game loosely as there’s no winning, losing, leaderboards, or anything that would really make it a game. I’ve been calling it an experience when talking to friends about it as game implies there is a directive of some kind, and app sounds like it should have a point to it too. The iPhone and iPad version involve the you popping little frozen dandelions as they float across the screen. I was hoping the phone and tablet, which infer longer periods of interaction, become like a long cold winter and the watch would be spring and have more life. As I said, I have a new love of gardening and living in Oregon our spring though cold and we initial is awesome when you get to see the plants start to grow. We go through this what feels like long fall and winter, only to get a few months of warm beautiful weather. The phone is that long winter. Though it is cold and quite, it can also be incredibly relaxing. The watch with its shorting periods of interaction is our quick spring and summer. Here’s some screenshots from the phone, I’ll be posting some for the watch maybe tomorrow or Thursday and with them I’ll be discussing my impressions of watch development and getting used to Swift.





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