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Lifelong Kindergarten

I recently finished Lifelong Kindergarten, by Mitchel Resnick and I’m surprised how good it was. I didn’t have any idea what it was going to be about, but the subtitle “Cultivating Creativity through Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play” was enough for me to pick it up. Much of it is him talking about how two of his creations, the Scratch programming language and the Computer Clubhouse inspire children to make amazing things. There are two lists of 10 tips each that resonated with me. For Learners: Start simple Work on things that you like If you have no clue what…

Feature Spectrum Analysis

I’m sure what I’m going to show exists under a different name but I call it Feature Spectrum Analysis. You take a feature and evaluate it across as many spectrums as you wish. This process helps me identify what features are the most important to my users and achievable by me. How this works List all the features you’re thinking of implementing. List all the measure categories you’d like to evaluate against. Fill in the grid. Honesty is critical. (I use a 1-10 scale, but that’s arbitrary) Reassess your numbers. Do they make sense when you compare them? Is feature…

Reading List

My current reading list. The Dictators Handbook is pretty darn good so far.  Lessons learned: bayonet my commander and ensure I have control of the treasury to assist with loyalty. Not sure how I’m going to apply this to my job, but we’ll see. 

Thank you ACLU

The ACLU does such amazing work and I’m so glad they’re taking on this fight. If you care about what they do be sure to support them.


Best part of my week has been watching Awesome Games Done Quick. The culmination was the final run of Undertale. While hugging the goat, they hit $2.2 million.  Such as an amazing event and for a really great cause; humbling to see the gaming community come out and give so much. During the last run by TGH gave a shoutout to one of his friends who couldn’t make it to the event. It was revealed during an announcement that the could not make it as he was being screened for possible tumors. Seems thanks to early detection (yay cancer prevention!) Kaizen is doing…

Walkability as Technology

https://janejacobsjapan.com/2016/11/27/walkability-as-technology/   Walkability is a huge factor for me when looking for places to live. Very happy with Eugene and where my workplace is located with respect to it.

Pointers in Swift 3

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