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Month: April 2015

Dandelion Breeze – Now Available

So after a getting rejected and updating the app, Dandelion Breeze was accepted this morning and is now available in the App Store. Really excited to finally have it available to people. One of the more interesting parts of developing watch apps was going through this initial submission process. I read plenty of docs, stayed on top of the forums, and did everything I could to make sure that I would make it through first try. Didn’t make help, still got rejected. Fin version 2.3 with Apple Watch Support is now Waiting for Rejection. — jcieplinski (@jcieplinski) April 4, 2015…

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Dandelion Breeze and What’s Next

Dandelion Breeze has been submitted and is waiting for a review. In the meantime I’m off on to learn new things. Working on Dandelion Breeze I didn’t get to really play with much of the Apple Watch. Since I knew I wasn’t going to have one for development I tried to keep what I did with WatchKit to a minimum. Now with a bit of experience and my Watch so to be in hand I wanted to do a bit more with it. The next things on my list to learn are glances and notifications. Glances are interesting as they…

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Learning by Doing

I’m a big fan of learning tests and learning by doing. The primary reason I made Dandelion Breeze was to learn the WatchKit SDK, Swift, and SpriteKit. It was definitely fun and informative making this app, and in doing so I had always had the intent to release it completely for free. No ads, no in app purchases (for now, might make a tip jar later depending on number of downloads) and no initial cost. It’s a learning test that is going to be released. David Smith, of Developing Perspective recently talked about making a Simon Says type game (Episode…

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Dandelion Breeze – Watch Extension

Last post I talked a bit about my new app Dandelion Breeze at a high level. I’m going spend this post going over what it has been like to develop for the Apple Watch. This is an incredibly simple app, but it’s been informative enough to help me plan for future Apple Watch apps. First off, pretty screenshots. Coming from iOS and UIKit the watch was familiar, but is many ways different. For instance, rather than having UIImage and UIView, the watch’s counterparts are WKInterfaceImage and WKInterfaceGroup. The first adjustment I had to make was having no way to layer…

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I’m making a new app

When the Apple Watch was announced I decided I wanted to take a break from my regular at home coding projects and develop something for it. Around this time I had also decided that I wanted to learn some Swift and was hoping to go for the two-birds-one-stone thing. Given juggling my normal work day with my new love of gardening it’s taken longer than I had hoped to get it ready, but it’s been awesome nonetheless. The app is called Dandelion Breeze and it’s a rather simple little “game.” I use the term game loosely as there’s no winning,…

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