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Month: April 2011

Goodbye Tumblr

It’s finally happened, I’ve left Tumblr. In the past few months I’ve left SquareSpace and now Tumblr for WordPress. I think each of these services fill a niche that really helps everyone find the service that’s right for them. I see them working like this, Tumblr: Small quick posts, almost like Twitter but with no character limit. More about sharing than blogging. WordPress (no custom server): Fantastic blogging engine. Though you can have multiple pages, I feel without your own server it’s more geared towards just blogging, not having a full site. If you want to blog with some pretty…

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UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext() Performance

In an app I’m currently working on I had two choices, either make 135 small thumbnail images or I auto-generate them by flattening the UIView into a single UIImage then use that as the background the UIButton. Having never done this, I figured it would be a great chance to learn. I’m not even going to consider making it a UILabel (title), UIImageView (icon), UIImageView (shadow), UIButton (actual hidden button) as scrolling through the 135 buttons would be unbearable. My first attempt was very naive and rather brute force-ish since I was doing this for each of the 135 buttons. Also…

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